Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting My Butt In Gear

Well, after the disaster that was the BB, I did indeed break from all running. I've gone back to step class and the elliptical in hopes of getting back in shape and ready to start training for the Donald Duck Half Marathon in Walt Disney World. Since my goal isn't to be super fast but rather have fun, I'm not stressing about it. I know my body can do a half, the idea is to not be in pain while doing it! I mean, I'll wanna look cute when I stop and take a picture with a character.

I will need to spend July & August working up to running 3-5 miles, so when I start the real training in September it will go smoothly. I could really use your encouragement. For me, running is almost half physical, half mental.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bolder Boulder

Me, running in place waiting for Geoff to take a pic. Yes I can smile, but I was NOT happy!


Let's start with the positive. It was fun cheering for Geoff at mile 1. It was fun hanging out with Chad & Khara after the race. The weather was nice.

Yep, that's about all I can say. I flaked on the last few weeks of my training, not pushing myself at all. As a result, it was a painful race, felt like the longest 6+ miles of my life!

I told people, I'll finish the race, but it won't be pretty. I'm not in any mood to run again anytime soon, so all talk of half marathons will wait.

Here are my results. Once pics are up, I'll link them.
*Updated: here are the pics, I'm not in any of the big group shots.*

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Adapted Plan

I have not been following my plan exactly how it is written. My real goal is using the days it tells me to run, and trying to stick to the mileage it asks. Haven't been wholly successful, but I think it's still paying off.

My legs HURT! My friend Lisa asked me to join her in her No Limits Circuits class (Wed), which she told me was intense. Well, at the time, it didn't seem intense, i walked away thinking, that wasn't so bad. But there was a sub that day. And later that night, the pain in my legs started to grow. I had trouble with the stairs yesterday. I have never done so many squats and lunges, and my legs hate me for it.

I've got my eyes on a half marathon for September, and Cristina is on board. Now I need to come up with the money. It's local, here in Denver. I think the timing will be good to get me ready for DisneyWorld.

I had lost 5 lbs earlier in the month, but all the feasting with my in-laws put them back on. :( I need to work on smaller portions.

Pray that I can stay healthy, and amp up my mileage. Bolder Boulder is just 38 days away.

Monday, March 30, 2009


How's the training going?

It's going.

I think I can see a change in my appearance, but more importantly, my pants are fitting much more loose. Yay! Not ready for my skinny jeans yet, but maybe soon?

The mileage is growing each week (yikes), now I still need to get mentally on board. I think that I will need a fall race to keep me out and running. Perhaps the Denver Marathon relay. Then I will train for the half in January.

Now tell me, what are you doing to get/stay fit?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Plan

I got myself a training plan off the Runner's World website, and I have been able to complete the two weeks thus far. The mileage is only going to get higher, but I hope Geoff is right, and my body maintained muscle memory. He says my body will remember the training for the half last year, and I'll be able to do it. Now my mind needs to get on board, because I'm sure you know how your mind can sabotage you.

I've been able to go to step class and amazingly my abs don't hurt as much this weekend as they did last weekend. My weight is also down a few pounds, but then I have found it to be fluctuating. Ideally, I'd like to lose 10 lbs, and go down a size, where I was last spring.

Keep praying I can stay healthy and train. 64 days until the Bolder Boulder!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Getting Fit

I've been able to go tot step class on Thursday & Friday nights. It's a good workout, and now that Karen the instructor knows me, she's calling me out when I'm not working hard enough. She also teaches an abs class after Friday's step class, which i've done twice now. Man what a pain that creates the rest of the weekend! But with any luck, my waist will shrink by summer.

I'm trying to get back to running, since the Bolder Boulder is in 95 days. That's a 10K race, so a little over 6 miles. Very doable, but I need to set a goal and start training! And I haven't been motivated to do that.

Pray I can stay healthy until then, and that I get my butt in gear!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Running With Mickey

I registered for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon! I'll be running in January 2010, Geoff is doing the full, and then we'll enjoy a few days exploring WDW with the kids. We invited Colin, Dawn, Dylan, Ryan & my mom to come watch and have fun at the parks with us. The guest list might get bigger (Lisa?), if you wanna come cheer us on as we run through Sleeping Beauty's castle, drop me a line, I'll get you some info.

Now January is still far away, so in 2009 I'm running the Bolder Boulder for the first time. It's a 10K race. My bud Cristina is going to run it with me, but I foresee me eating her dust. The goal is to also run a half marathon this year, but I haven't settled on one yet. It'll have to be local (meaning in Colorado) since I need to save for DisneyWorld.

I've been going to my step class weekly, and I'd love to go twice a week, if I can find a class at a good time. It's a good workout.

Now you are in the loop, there will be a posting later (either here or my other blog) about the cause I want to raise money for by running the half. Stay tuned.